Please note that you must have the rights to manage a template. The organization administrator can set this up for you within User rights in Organization Settings.

In this article we will discuss two types of templates:

Go to Tender management templates 

Go to Messaging and Snippets

Some of these templates allow you to enter so-called merge fields. These are fields that automatically load information into the template. Read more about it here.

Formatting in text works with Markdown. Read more about it here. 

Tender management templates

Tender templates can be managed in 'Tender management' under the Templates tab.

Open the template you want to edit or click New to create a new template.

Create new template

Select New in the top right to create a new template. Give the template a name, label, choose a type and a rule set.

Then follow the same as editing and formatting a template.

Edit or format template

Open an existing template. You will see that the template consists of several tabs.

1. Invitation

Here you describe the text that the supplier will read when opening the tender. It is customary to briefly explain the process here. Edit the text. 

Do you already have a template ready for this text? Then upload it via Choose a template in the top right corner of the text box. 

2. Instruction

In Instruction you describe in more detail important process steps in the tender. Think of explanations about submitting and asking questions. Here too, you can load templates with standard text via Choose a template at the top right of the text box.

3. Questionnaire

In Questionnaire you enter the questions that you want to ask the supplier. This works the same as in an actual tender. So you can create chapters and add questions or text fields.

Via Import you have the option to import questionnaires from previous tenders.

4. Pricesheet

Within Pricesheet you draw up an extensive pricesheet where the supplier can draw up a price in detail.

Would you rather use a simple price field in the questionnaire? Click Edit at the top right and mouse over the tab. You will see that a gear becomes visible. Click on the gear and choose Delete.

5. Attachments

Within Attachments you enter standard documents that you want to send every tender. Via Upload you add new files.

While uploading a file, you can also create a folder to organize the documents.

Messaging and Snippets

Templates for messages and snippets can be created in your organization settings. Click on 'Organization settings' at the bottom left and then on 'Templates' in the left menu. Here you will see two tabs: Messaging and Snippets.

Messaging is all about messages you can send in tenders. Snippets is about the various text blocks you find in a tender, like the Invitation or Instruction tab.


To create a new message template, click on 'Create new...' on the right. Here you can choose from different types of messages.

Choose a message type you want to create and compose the message.

Enter a name, description, subject and finally the message.

To share

Once you've saved a template, it's important to share it with the rest of the organization.

To edit a message template, hover your mouse over the message you want to edit. Then click on 'Edit'. You will now see a pop-up screen with the message, which you can edit. After editing, click on 'Submit'.


To create a new snippit, right click on 'Create new...' Here you can choose from different types. You can load these snippits at different places in your tender.

Choose the desired type and compose the text along with a name and description.

To share

Once you've saved a template, it's important to share it with the rest of the organization.

To edit a snippit, move your mouse over the snippit. Then click on 'Edit'. You will now see a pop-up screen with the text, which you can edit. After editing, click on 'Submit'.