The evaluation gives the opportunity to evaluate received proposals from one or more suppliers. The settings for this evaluation are primarly made in the design of the questionairre. Further evaluation settings have to be made in the evaluation model. This model shows all settings, including the ones made in de questionairre.


The evaluation model consists of groups (the section in the questionairre) and within the groups the criteria (the rows in the questionairre). A group shows a topic that has to be evaluated (for instance Invoicing or Quality). The criteria show the individual items within that topic (for instance the question 'Is your organization ISO certified?'). Per group and criterium a weight is entered (in points), showing the relative importance compared to other groups or criteria. Per criterium the rating scale has to be defined.


Using the evaluating the following steps have to be taken:


  1. Design the questionairre, set the evaluation type (Informative, Knock out and Evaluation) and add the weight for rows with the evaluation type Evaluation.
  2. Design the evaluation model. This is about defining the rating scale (according to which reviewers evaluate proposals) and whether the evaluation takes place automatically (Auto) of with a team of reviewers (Team).
  3. Add and invite reviewers.
  4. Assign reviewers to evaluate specific groups.
  5. Individual rating of proposals. Each reviewer enters his or her rating of the proposals, optionally accompanied by a comment.
  6. Determine the final team rating. After individual reviewers have entered their rating the final team rating can be defined in e team meeting. In this meeting deviations in individual ratings can be discussed and (if needed) afterwards adjusted by individual reviewers.
  7. Analyze evaluation results. A ranking of proposals is made, based on the results of the auto and team evaluation. This ranking can be subject to further analysis, looking for notable differences between suppliers proposals.