Request for QuotationRequest for proposalTenderProject or Tender"Project manager
Main user

Assistent manager

"Workgroup member
Applicability  SegmentWorkgroup role   
Acces to all menus in the Project or the Tender
Edit menu workspace  
Delete Project or Tender  
Add workgroup members  
Invite workgroup members  
Change role workgroup members  
Remove werkgroup members  
Send message to workgroup members
  Mark contract notice complete   
  Add additional information notice   
  Publish additional information notice   
  Add contrat award notice   
  Publish contract award notice   
Start conversation
Reply conversation
Add document  
Edit document  
Delete document  


Request for uotationRequest for proposalTenderRequest"Project manager
Main user
Assistent manager"Workgroupmember
Acces request
Add request   
Delete request  
Change status request  
Edit request   
Add supplier   
Invite supplier  
Add questionround  
Withdraw request  
Close request  
Add tabs (questionnaire, pricesheet) 
Edit questionnare 
Edit pricesheet 
Bewerken aanpassen 
Delete tabs (Questionnaire, Pricesheet) 
   Questions and Notices    
 Create notice  
 Edit notice  
 Publish notice  
 Edit question 
 Assign question 
 Approve answer 
 Publish answer  
Acces proposals (depends on the settings in the ruleset)
Unlock proposals 
Send message  
Receive notificatiion (via e-mail)of received message 
Receive notification (via e-mail) submitted proposal   
 Edit evaluation model  
 Add reviewers  
 Invite reviewers  
 Assign reviewers  
 Remove reviewers