It is possible to create an archive of current or closed EU tenders and requests for proposals. All information is transferred to a .zip file, so that the information can be consulted at a later time. An archive can be created as follows:

1. Open the tender of which you want to create an archive.

2. Go to the 'Workspace' menu and click at the top right on the archive icon (next to the print and PDF icons).

3. The archiving is started. Depending on the total size of the tender in mb's, this may take some time. The system will show a notification massage on the screen when archiving is finished. The file is saved in the menu 'Documents' (go to Overview and click bottom left on 'Organization settings' and then 'Documents' in the left menu. Click on the menu My library).

The Windows operating system may have difficulty opening large .zip files. See the help document Opening zip files for more information on opening such files via Windows.